MOPing with Moose

I’ve used Moose regularly now for a couple years, but really only so far as most people do, as a handy accessor generator and type checker. But my most recent project has called on me to delve, first into Roles, which are a lovely way to teach old classes new tricks, but I found I wanted to do deeper magic…

Now, as I wrote about before, my project is a Node.js style event system for Moose. Moose classes have two types of things associated with them, attributes and methods.

I allow users to declare that their class will emit a particular event through a helper method. You just write:

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$world->on( create => sub { say ‘Hello’; } )

Hello Perl world…

I’ve been working on creating better sugar for event-driven systems in Perl– specifically, AnyEvent powered things. AnyEvent, and the modules it bundles, encourage a function based callback API, with at most one event listener per callback. Third party modules either follow that model, or the one presented by Object::Event, either using it directly, or implementing something that looks similar, but doesn’t work the same.

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