My week of 9/14 at npm

This week I’ve already…

  1. #9285 Make misc cruft in your node_modules not cause npm@3 to error out.
  2. #9480 Merged pull request for better error messages when a dependency URL is invalid.
  3. #9585 Prepared a pull request of updates for the week

And I’m going to…

  1. Promote 3.3.3 to npm stable!! Probably almost surely!
  2. Put together a project plan, or at least, notes that will lead to a project plan for a UX overhaul of the CLI.
  3. Create anew a starter perf project for npm. This was previously lost in a poorly thought out git clean, but this time, THIS TIME, it will exist as an independent repo to make testing different versions easier.
  4. Create a roadmap item for refactoring the installer to take its configuration (3.7 on the roadmap) and tie it back to #8725.

Last week I felt like I was spending a LOT of time on the release. On the plus side, it’s probably going to be the first 3.x stable!!

  1. #9394 Earlier fix to not remove symlinks that we don’t own results in Windows cmd shims not being removed. (Caused by #9198)
  2. #8826 Performance testing!! I’ve got a list of tests I want to run, so we’ll get these into a pull request along with some baseline numbers and further steps.