My week of 8/24 at npm

This week I’m:

  1. Put together some basic benchmarks for ongoing performance monitoring.
  2. Usher PR #9227 through
  3. Driving across the country! Boston → Oakland

Last week, we didn’t have a 3.x release for primarily ongoing policy reasons combined with a test that only failed under certain circumstances that took a bit longer than usual to iron out. Still, there was a lot queued up for it that’ll get out this week:

  1. Comment on #9227 and #9240
  2. Fix the Travis builds for 3.x
  3. Fix npm --update #9095
  4. Make install order even more consistent (#8995, #9274)
  5. package.bin can be a scalar in addition to an array and npm@3 needs to not crash when it is #9187
  6. npm install x w/o a package.json doesn’t include x in the output. npm ls after one of these installs doesn’t get the logical tree. Maybe some other things. Fix these! #9113