My week of 8/17 at npm

This week I’m wrapping up a lot of small, but IMPORTANT bugs!

  1. Comment on #9227 and #9240
  2. Fix the Travis builds for 3.x
  3. Fix npm --update #9095
  4. Make install order even more consistent (#8995, #9274)
  5. package.bin can be a scalar in addition to an array and npm@3 needs to not crash when it is #9187
  6. npm install x w/o a package.json doesn’t include x in the output. npm ls after one of these installs doesn’t get the logical tree. Maybe some other things. Fix these! #9113

Last week I finally got to one of the root causes of stack explosions. And then some!

  1. Writing tests for #9198 and summary of current behavior of gently-rm
  2. Symlink cycles need to stop exploding npm@3 #9223
  3. Let’s extract npm@3’s tree post-processor for use by npm-init #8176
  4. Plus some misc small things– accepting a patch, renaming a label, triaging next week.