My week of 8/10 at npm

This week I’m:

  1. Writing tests for #9198 and summary of current behavior of gently-rm
  2. Symlink cycles need to stop exploding npm@3 #9223
  3. Let’s extract npm@3’s tree post-processor for use by npm-init #8176
  4. Plus some misc small things– accepting a pull request, renaming a label, triaging next week.

Someday soon I hope to do a rewrite of gently-rm as an external module. It’s already mostly isolated from the rest of npm‘s internals, and it is plausibly useful for other projects. Currently it does have some particular assumptions about npm and everything would be easier to understand without them.

As always the roadmap has all sorts of details

Last week I pushed out 3.2.2 with a bunch of fixes:

  • Fixed a crasher when running npm install --save git+ssh://
  • Fixed a crasher when trying to npm docs a module w/ only prerelease version
  • Made peer deps look from the perspective of the parent of the module with the peer dep when validating their existence
  • FINALLY stopped warning about missing package.json stuff on global installs