Week of 7/27 at npm

So I missed posting this here last week here, but it was up on our roadmap.

My weeks are looking pretty much the same while we burn through the open 3.x bugs. Once the queue is worked through we’ll be ready to move it out of beta!

This week I’m…

  1. Triaging v3.x issues for next weeks release
  2. Completing this weeks issues. (This has gotten its way up to 9 items, so I may be reconsidering some of them. =D
  3. File an issue on npm/issue-tracker to discuss how npm ls should work
  4. Make an issue to track discussion of how deprecation warnings are handled

Last week I…

  • Triaged the weeks v3.x issues into the up coming release buckets.
  • Finished off the v3.2.0 issues. See the tactical roadmap below for details.

And the week before I…

  1. Worked on the v3.1.3 issues (as of this writing): #8891 npm rm -g misbehaving if was a symlink, #8874 linking scoped modules fails, #8812 improve progress bar, #8701 improve permission validation on windows
  2. Triaged v3.x issues for next week (tentatively v3.1.4).