Week of 7/13 at npm

This week I’m…

  1. Working on the v3.1.3 issues (as of this writing): #8891 npm rm -g misbehaving if was a symlink, #8874 linking scoped modules fails, #8812 improve progress bar, #8701 improve permission validation on windows
  2. Triaging v3.x issues for next week (tentatively v3.1.4).
  3. Release and other issue support.

Last week I…

  1. Triage npm@3 bugs + features for this week
  2. DO them and release
  3. Continue working the npm@3 issues

And early this week I also released 3.1.2 as the 3.1.1 release was critically broken. This was a process issue (last minute inclusions in the release, late night release) which led to errors (tests run against wrong tree) which resulted in pushing out something that couldn’t install local modules. Pretty basic! We’ve altered our processes to say that if something isn’t done by EOD Wednesday then it’s not going in Thursday’s release.