This is just a little hack of mine to make it trivial for me to reflect any directory on my server as a website, either with a name I specify or a hash. Handy for all sorts of things, I initially created it to give myself an easy way to view remote coverage reports that generated to HTML. It’s also a nice way to view HTML docs bundled with a package, or any other random HTML you come across.

How it works

As part of setup, we create a file based apache rewrite map that rewrites slugs off of our domain based on rules from a text file. These text files are super simple, just the slug followed by a space and then what to rewrite to.

With the setup out of the way, we have a very simple shell script that uses Perl to figure out the absolute path from your relative one and uses openssl to generate a hash from that. It uses the hash as the slug if you don’t specify one.  Once it’s appended these to the rewritemap file it tells you what your new URL is.

The example in the repo obviously isn’t generic, it refers to a host I control, but that’s easily editable.  This is less software package and more stupid sysadmin hack.

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